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Buick Lemon Law


Buick is an American manufacturing division of General Motors, LLC. Buick’s motto is: “Buick. The spirit of American style.” While Buick might build cars that are American and stylish, not all these cars have the same spirit. Some of them have a great spirit. Others have a sour spirit and are a lemon both under the state lemon laws and federal lemon laws. The lemon laws provide relief to consumers who have taken their Buick in for multiple repair attempts for similar issues or problems. Should your Buick have been to an authorized Buick dealership on more than one occasion, it is possible your Buick may be a lemon.

Is you Buick a Lemon?

The lemon law covers Buick vehicles that are both new and used, leased or purchased. The only requirement is that there are repair attempts to your Buick by an authorized General Motors dealership and while under the manufacturer’s warranty. Successful lemon law claims have been brought against General Motors, LLC for various Buick vehicles, including the Buick Enclave, Buick LaCrosse, and the Buick Verano. Reported issues with these Buick vehicles include, but are not limited to:

  • Transmission slipping
  • Transmission failing
  • Engine failing
  • Power steering inoperable
  • Vehicle alignment being off
  • Check engine light illuminating
  • Engine stalling while driving

Your Buick Lemon Law Rights

Each state hIf you have experienced any of these issues with your Buick vehicle and have taken it back to the manufacturer for repair, it is possible that your vehicle could be a lemon. In order to have a valid lemon law claim you simply need to have taken your Buick back to an authorized dealership for repairs that is the only requirement to have a potential lemon law claim. It does not matter the current mileage on your car, if the problem has been fixed/identified or deemed normal by the manufacturer. The lemon law states that the General Motors, LLC gets a reasonable opportunity to repair your Buick lemon, not an unlimited number of bites at the apple (or in this case lemon), so to speak. Finally, the lemon law requires the manufacturer to pay reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs, so the question of I cannot afford an attorney should not be a concern.

Contact the Lemon Law Experts Today for a Case Evaluation About Your Buick

If you have had or are having problems with your Buick vehicle which have left your spirit sour do not hesitate in contacting the lemon law experts of Seattle Lemon Law , PC for a case evaluation today at (206) 566-7720. Your case will be evaluated and the different types of relief you are entitled to be it under both the state lemon law and the federal lemon. This relief can include a repurchase by General Motors, LLC, a replacement Buick or a cash offer, and General Motors will also make a payment of reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs. The only way to know if you have a lemon law claim is to call today. So let the lemon law experts at Seattle Lemon Law , PC help you help bring back the spirit of American style which your Buick was supposed to have.

“The Lemon Law Experts handled my case to perfection! It was a fast and easy process to get my car paid off and get me money back. I would highly recommend the Lemon Law Experts. I am very pleased with the outcome they received on my behalf. Thank you for a job well done!”

Michael C
2017 Nissan Sentra


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