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Hyundai Lemon Law


Hyundai is a South Korean auto manufacturer that has become a major player in the United States auto market, selling over 725,000 vehicles in the United States in 2014. Hyundai boasts one of the most extensive vehicle warranties on the market, namely a 10 year/100,000 miles warranty. Given that the lemon law is in essence a warranty law, this allows consumers who have purchased or leased a Hyundai protection up to the 10 year/100,000 mark, which means that if you start having issues at 90,000 miles you potentially would still have a Hyundai lemon law claim.

Is Your Hyundai Vehicle a Lemon?

Each state provides protection for owners under a state lemon law, which will differ from state to state. Additionally, your Hyundai is protected under the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which is the federal lemon law. If your Hyundai is leased or purchased and has been to an authorized dealership for multiple repair attempts, it is likely that your Hyundai would qualify for relief either under state law or Federal law.

Often consumers take in a vehicle for a repair that is not verified or duplicated, and because of this they do not believe they have a lemon law claim. The lemon law generally provides that you simply need to give the manufacturer, in this case Hyundai an opportunity to repair the vehicle. This means you need to take the vehicle in to an authorized Hyundai dealership and notify them of the problem. This qualifies as having given Hyundai an opportunity to repair the vehicle, if they cannot or choose not to repair it during that visit that is not an issue under the lemon law.

What Issues with Hyundai Qualify under the Lemon Law

Lemon Law Claims can be brought on any purchased or leased model Hyundai, including the Accent, Elantra, Ezera, Entourage, Santa Fe, Genesis, XG300, XG350, Veloster, Tiburon, and Sonata. Successful claims against these Hyundai models have been brought for the following issues:

These problems and more can substantially impair the safety, use and value of your Hyundai.

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If your new or used, purchased or leased Hyundai has given you multiple problems reach out to the lemon law experts today for a consultation. Our experienced lemon law experts and/or lemon law attorneys will be able to review the issues you have experienced with your Hyundai and determine if you have a potential lemon law claim. If your Hyundai qualifies for relief under state or federal lemon law, you could be entitled to a repurchase or a cash settlement. The only bad Hyundai lemon law claim is the one you do not call about. There is no reason to delay in contacting the lemon law experts at Seattle Lemon Law at (206) 566-7720 for a case evaluation, and taking that first step to protecting your Hyundai lemon law rights.


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