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Infiniti Lemon Law


A purchaser or a lessee of a car enjoys several rights under both state and federal law in case the car or truck does not function as offered under an express warranty. Warranty laws usually are complex, and are difficult to explain adequately within a small space. These comments quickly and briefly explain the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act and the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, what is commonly referred to as “Lemon Law.”

Fiat and the Lemon Law

Determining substantial impairment to the safety, use or value of your vehicle often times requires the help of an experienced lemon law attorney, simply because what is substantial to the consumer may not always be substantial to the manufacturer. This difference of opinion is becoming clearer when dealing with electrical issues and items such as navigation, Bluetooth, and backup cameras. This is where the help of an experienced lemon law attorney can outline to the manufacturer how and why this is substantially impairing your safety, use and value of your Fiat.

Do you have an Infiniti Lemon?

CA Lemon Laws as well as federal Lemon Law (the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act) provide for compensation to State customers of malfunctioning autos and even trucks and other motor vehicles and consumer products including motor bikes, recreational vehicles, motorboats, computer systems in addition to other consumer appliances and products. To qualify in the State Lemon Law or the federal Lemon Law, it is essential to have a consumer good that sustained multiple repair attempts under the manufacturer’s factory warranty. Lemon Law settlements include reimbursement, replacement unit or cash settlement.

California’s Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty Act, commonly referred to as the CA Lemon Law, was passed in order to present relief to consumers involved with problematic autos and other consumer goods. Typically, the California Lemon Law is applicable to automobiles which the auto dealerships have been unable to repair within the warranty period after being given an acceptable number of opportunities. For qualifying cars or trucks or other consumer vehicles, the automobile manufacturer should give the consumer his or her money back and even repay the remaining loan amount owed or exchange the car with a comparable model.

The California Lemon Law additionally requires that your vehicle maker provide for your attorney’s fees and costs, on a meritorious claim. This makes the laws economically practical for people who would otherwise not be capable to employ a law firm.

Is Your Infiniti a Lemon?

If you believe that your Infiniti is a lemon car you may have a claim under the state’s lemon law rights. Below is a list of Infiniti Models that we have seen lemon issues.
  • Infiniti EX
  • Infiniti FX35
  • Infiniti G37 Base
  • Infiniti G37 Journey
  • Infiniti M37
  • Infiniti QX56

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“The Lemon Law Experts handled my case to perfection! It was a fast and easy process to get my car paid off and get me money back. I would highly recommend the Lemon Law Experts. I am very pleased with the outcome they received on my behalf. Thank you for a job well done!”

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