Fiat Chrysler Agrees to Buy Back a 2018 Dodge Lemon

This King county Dodge lemon law client purchased her brand new 2018 Ram to use for transporting heavy loads for her company. For this reason she went with the hemi engine. The vehicle was operating as designed for the first 5,000 miles, but then the Ram began having transmission issues. The car was slipping out of gear, which is incredibly unsafe under normal circumstances, but when carrying a heavy load, clearly imposes a substantial risk to the safety of the driver and others. After 5 unsuccessful repair attempts, this Dodge lemon law client finally was fed up and simply wanted out of this Ram.

When this lemon law client contacted the Lemon Law Experts of Seattle Lemon Law, she had justifiably lost faith in the safety and reliability of this truck. It was not allowing her to use the truck for its intended purpose, namely hauling heavy loads. More importantly however, it was putting her life and the lives of others in danger. After speaking directly with a lemon law attorney this client was assured there was merit to her lemon law claim. She provided the lemon law lawyers her repair orders and within 30 days the Lemon Law Experts of Seattle Lemon LAw notified her that Fiat Chrysler agreed to buy back her lemon Dodge Ram, refund all her monies (minus a a usage fee) and pay for her attorneys fees and costs.

Lemon Law

This lemon buy back pursuant to the Washington Lemon law required Fiat Chrysler to take back the Ram, pay off the balance of the loan, and reimburse this client for her down payment, and all monthly payments to date. Fiat Chrysler also agree to pay for her attorneys fees and costs.

Thanks to the Lemon Law Experts of Seattle Lemon Law, this lemon law client can be seen safely hauling heavy loads throughout King County in her new, safe and reliable 2019 Dodge Ram Hemi.

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