Volkswagen Lemon – VW Repurchases 2014 Jetta

This Redmond lemon law client purchased a new 2016 Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid in an effort to get a reliable car that was also friendly to the environment. Within a few months of purchase, this Volkswagen lemon law client realized his Jetta Hybrid was spending more time at the dealership than on the roads. Additionally, the loaner car he was provided with was not a hybrid. Thus, this consumer was not only unable to get reliable vehicle, which would later be deemed a lemon, he was also not being eco-friendly. After multiple repair attempts for many different issues, including a knocking noise in the engine, hybrid system being disabled, and the check engine light illuminating, this Volkswagen lemon law client finally had enough and decided to find a lemon law expert to help with his lemon law claim.

This consumer ended up contacting the Washington lemon law experts at Seattle Lemon Law. She was able to speak immediately with a lemon law attorney. After discussing the vehicle history, which included multiple repair attempts for the same issues, this consumer was explained the lemon law process in detail, and what her rights were relating to her Volkswagen lemon law claim. Within 30 days of putting forth a lemon law claim to Volkswagen of America, this consumer was pleased to learn that her lemon law attorneys obtained a full repurchase for her Jetta Hybrid. This repurchase included Volkswagen taking back the Jetta Hybrid, reimbursing her all monies paid toward the car and paying her attorneys’ fees and costs.

Lemon Law

It is important to know that cars are provided with a warranty for a reason. It is an acknowledgement by the manufacturer that they have not made a perfect vehicle and they get an opportunity to repair the vehicle should it experience problems. The warranty does not mean however that the manufacturer gets unlimited repairs to fix a vehicle. This is where the lemon laws come into play. As with this client, if a vehicle is not repaired by the manufacturer after a reasonable number of repair attempts, then you may qualify for lemon law protection. Here, this consumer’s Jetta Hybrid was still not repaired after multiple repair attempts. This allowed this consumer to seek relief pursuant to California’s and our federal lemon laws. Thanks to the Lemon Law Experts of Seattle Lemon Law, this environmental friendly client is now driving the streets of Redmond in a car that is both reliable and eco-friendly.

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