GM Lemon Lawyer Gets Client a Lemon Buyback on a 2016 Cadillac

This Bremerton lemon law client leased a 2016 Cadillac ATS for 3 years. Within a couple of months of leasing this car, the client began experiencing engine issues, which included the car dying while driving, engine misfiring, and the car shaking violently while driving. After multiple repair attempts, this lemon law had lost faith in the safety and reliability of this Cadillac, but was unaware of the Washington lemon laws. She thought that she was simply stuck with this lemon of a car for the balance of its lease.

This lemon law client happens to be an attorney, but was unaware of the lemon law or the fact that it applied to her leased Cadillac . Fortunately enough at a lawyers’ lunch she happened to be complaining to a GM lemon lawyer from Consumer Law Experts about her car. The lemon law attorney listened to her sour story, and reassured her that the Lemon Law Experts of Seattle Lemon Law would be able to help her out of this lemon.

Within 30 days of signing up with the GM lemon lawyer of Seattle Lemon Law, she was notified that GM agreed to repurchase her car. This repurchase required GM to pay off the loan and reimburse her the down payment, and all her monthly payments. Additionally, GM agreed to pay all her lemon law attorneys’ fees and costs.

Lemon Law

Thanks to the GM lemon law lawyers of Seattle Lemon Law, this lemon law client can now be seen driving the streets of Bremerton in a fun and safe car, providing her a sweet ride.
This lemon law client learned something that most consumers need to remember. The lemon law applies to both purchased and leased vehicles, as well as new and used vehicles. The lemon law in essence is a warranty law, so it applies to any vehicle purchased with a warranty.

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