Seattle Lemon Lawyers Get GM to Repurchase A Lemon Chevrolet

This Seattle lemon law client purchased a new 2018 Chevrolet Corvette so that he and his wife could enjoy retirement driving the west coast with the top down while listening to music. Instead of getting to hear their favorite music while riding along the coast in their new ride, this lemon Chevrolet client could not hear anything over the chattering of the engine. Finally, this lemon law client’s wife refused to drive in the car, which defeated entire reason for making this purchase. This client took the car in for multiple repairs and after many failed attempts, this client contacted the Lemon Law Experts of Seattle Lemon Law for lemon law assistance.

When this Chevy Corvette client contacted the Lemon Law Experts, his Corvette had been in for repairs on 5 different occasions, and his wife would no longer listen to him complain about the car. After speaking directly with a Washington lemon law attorney, this client was informed that he had a strong claim under Washington’s lemon law, and the Lemon Law Experts would be seeking a full repurchase of his 2018 Chevy Corvette. However, the Lemon Law Experts could not guarantee that his wife would speak to him about this car again.

Within 30 days of contacting the Lemon Law Experts, his attorneys not only got General Motors to repurchase this car, but they also got General Motors to waive the usage deduction. This meant that General Motors not only paid off the balance of the loan for the car, but they also reimbursed this lemon Chevrolet client for all monies paid toward the car including the down payment, monthly payments, interest and finance charges.

Lemon Law

Thanks to the Lemon Law Experts of Seattle Lemon Law, this client is once again living his retirement dream. He can be found driving the west coast with his dream car – a 2019 Chevy Corvette, his dream girl – his wife, and Little Red Corvette playing on the Radio.
The lesson to be learned from this lemon law claim is that if you are having issues with your vehicle, seek out a Lemon Law Expert to complain to about your vehicle rather than your spouse. By speaking with a lemon law attorney you will not only make sure your lemon law rights are protected, but you will also avoid unnecessary fights with your spouse!

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