Washington Lemon Law Lawyers Force Chrysler to Repurchase a 2017 Jeep

This Washington lemon law client purchased a new 2017 Jeep Cherokee to safely transport her dogs. Within the first 1,000 miles of ownership the client knew there was something wrong with her vehicle. The problems with her vehicle included the vehicle failing to start and the engine clicking but not cranking. This necessitated the vehicle getting towed to an authorized Jeep dealership for multiple repairs. After multiple repair attempts to her vehicle and attempting to resolve her claim with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles on her own, this lemon law client realized she needed professional help and contacted the Lemon Law Experts.

Upon contacting the Lemon Law Experts of Consumer Law Experts to discuss her Jeep, this client immediately spoke with a Washington lemon law lawyer who understood the frustration she was having with her vehicle. She was concerned that she tried to resolve her claim directly with the manufacturer and they denied her lemon law claim. As a result, she incorrectly believed that there was nothing to be done. However, this is usually the case when consumers attempt to resolve their lemon law claims on their own. Usually the manufacturer will not provide the consumers with everything they are entitled to under the lemon laws. The lemon law attorney explained this to the client, and outlined the lemon law process in detail, which made this client feel much better about her lemon law claim. The lemon law lawyers at Seattle Lemon Law forced Fiat Chrysler Automobiles to buyback this Jeep Cherokee, pay off the loan, and pay for all of this client’s lawyers’ fees and costs.

Lemon Law

The lesson to be learned from this lemon law client is quite simple: The lemon law provides that the manufacturer needs to make an offer of reasonable attorneys’ fees. So do not go at your lemon law claim alone. Be sure to contact a lemon law expert to guide you through this process and make sure your lemon law rights are protected. Thanks to the Lemon Law Experts of Seattle Lemon Law, this Washington lemon law client is safely driving her dogs along the Washington coast in a brand new and trouble-free vehicle.

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